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The Sisters [2004]

Based on a true story. A six-piece band went on tour. In one particular hotel, the band stayed in room 409, the only restroom in the hotel. Keyboardist Boy noticed a white cloth poking out from the air conditioner. He pulled the cloth, then immediately fled the room. The other band members followed suit -- having witnessed a terrifying woman with long hair, who scrutinized them with murderous revenge in her eye.

Presently, the band met with a monk who told them of a murder three months ago: Sangdaw, a prostitute in the Tulip Hotel, was killed in room 409. Her body was chopped up and her decapitated head hidden behind the air-con unit. How is the band to deal with this? Have they been mortally cursed by the tragic ghost?

* Piyathida Woramusik as Saeng Daow
* Bunjerd Suntanapanit as NuiLinina
* Phuttitarn as Pim
* Thanadet Meeprasert as Kob

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